Roberto Mascotto - Creazioni d'arte

Emmetre opened in 2000, following up an idea that had come to Roberto Mascotto, Amerigo Maroso and Federico Moresco. The intent was to pay homage to the past by bringing back to life select antique furniture pieces, some of which belong to precious private art collections. Emmetre has certainly proven its worth in being faithful to the original, making its results outstanding.

Once upon a time, old artisans would all use ancient woodworking techniques developed in Bassano. We not only age our wood with the same passion, but we also do the same with marble, leather and brass.

The style and elegance of centuries past are passed on thanks to ongoing research into pieces held in public and private collections. We polish our wood exclusively by applying layer after layer of shellac with a buffer. Each piece of bronze hardware is individually cast in clay moulds. The interiors are finished exclusively with virgin beeswax.